Glacier National Park Day 2

On the second day of our time in Glacier, we headed across from the West Entrance to the East.  Unfortunately for us, it was too early in the season for Logan’s Pass to be open, so we had to do a longer driver — all the way around the southern entrance of the park, and then back up north again.  It did mean that we got to pass by the Continental Divide, though, and made for some spectacular scenes as we neared the mountains.


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Glacier National Park

A critical portion of the American mythos is the road trip.  The idea of packing belongings in a car and taking off on the wide open road is an idyllic image unique to America.  As part of the military, every two years I have the opportunity to set forth on a new road trip.  My first was from my hometown in Michigan down through Nashville to humid, Montgomery, Alabama.  My second cut through the vast middle of our nation, as I headed to Tacoma Washington.  This past summer was perhaps the most enjoyable of the road trips, as I set forth along the northern tier, from Washington through Idaho and Montana to finally arrive at my new post in Minot, North Dakota.

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Sweet Tooth: A Happier Side of McEwan

There’s a feeling that comes with finishing a really good book; a cathartic, almost depressing feeling, where you’re certain that you never want to read again.  Where you don’t actually want to do anything — you just want to enjoy the feeling of completion and of ending.  There aren’t many books that can create that catharthis — I could probably count them on one hand.


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Why We Love the Bachelor

I am an educated, intelligent woman.  I have a college degree from a top 10 university, and a law degree from a Tier 1 law school (there’s also a Master’s stuck in there somewhere, but we don’t talk about that.)  I have a successful career and a wholly acceptable social life.  I’ve been in fulfilling relationships,  all of which I ended because I was planning on physically moving away and they weren’t willing (or able) to follow.  (Also, one was gay, which posed an insurmountable barrier to that relationship).  I am independent.  (I do own two cats — I feel it necessary to mention that in the interest of full disclosure).  And yes — I love the Bachelor.


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Olympic National Park

Next on my tour of the countries national parks is Olympic National Park.  Like Mount Rainier, the bulk of the park is composed of mountainous regions — but once again, it’s a wet, jurassic-feeling mountain region.  Walking through the park feels like an adventure through a Spielberg movie.  The light drifts down between leaves and you can’t help but wonder if a dinosaur awaits you.


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Stranger Things: 5 Key Moments

Yes, I am late to the band wagon when it comes to watching (and praising) Netflix’s short, 8 hour, nostalgia-fieled romp.  When I first saw previews, I thought that it was some kind of strange children’s show. Then SNL did a skit, it flooded the Halloween costume market, and it popped up on my “Recommended for You” feed.  But perhaps most importantly, a friend told me to watch it.  So I did.  In the same way that throughout the 80s and the 90s, before social media and online streaming, I watched the tv and went to the movies that my friends went to.  I knew about bands from my friendly radio DJs and from the cooler kids at school.


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Mount Rainier

My last post was in Tacoma, Washington, which has to be one of the most beautiful places that I have ever lived.  The city is located about 40 minutes south of Seattle.  It’s a few hours east of Olympic National Park, an hour and a half north of Mount Rainier National Park, and nicely nestled in the southernmost reach of Puget Sound.  Mount Rainier dominates the skyline of Tacoma.  She’s our guardian angel, our lady who overlooks our city.

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