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Sweet Tooth: A Happier Side of McEwan

There’s a feeling that comes with finishing a really good book; a cathartic, almost depressing feeling, where you’re certain that you never want to read again. ¬†Where you don’t actually want to do anything — you just want to enjoy … Continue reading

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Things We Set On Fire: Or at least, that we set to a slow simmer. . .

My kindle is constantly suggesting new books for me to read — sometimes, it also offers me massive discounts, as well. When the two are combined. . .well, I am but a week mortal, and can not resist the lure … Continue reading

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This Is How You Lose Her: The Pros and Pitfalls of Machismo

Chicano literature is nothing new: there’s Sandra Cisneros, Gary Soto, Luis Valdez. . .all writing from the perspective of Americans with a hispanic background. Their work includes “spanglish” — a dialect of English liberally spattered with Spanish euphemisms and colloquialisms. … Continue reading

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“Faking It”: Why I Don’t Read Chick Lit

I’ve pretty much given up on asking for advice from friends on what to read next: more often than not they recommend a NY pulp bestseller: the latest from Grisham, something really esoteric, or the latest young adult craze. Still, … Continue reading

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