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Stranger Things: 5 Key Moments

Yes, I am late to the band wagon when it comes to watching (and praising) Netflix’s short, 8 hour, nostalgia-fieled romp.  When I first saw previews, I thought that it was some kind of strange children’s show. Then SNL did … Continue reading

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The Burgess Boys

This book was fantastic. Tightly written, taut characterization, carefully intertwined themes.  Who are the Burgess boys?  There’s three of them — aren’t there always? — there’s Jim, the larger-than-life defense attorney, beloved by all, with his perfect family, perfect job, … Continue reading

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Frozen: So Close, and Yet. . .

Disclosure: Hans Christian Anderson’s fairytale “The Snow Queen” is my absolute favorite fairy tale of all time. It’s a strange combination of religion, coming-of-age, and a nice little tale of female empowerment. So, of course I was bound to be … Continue reading

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“Faking It”: Why I Don’t Read Chick Lit

I’ve pretty much given up on asking for advice from friends on what to read next: more often than not they recommend a NY pulp bestseller: the latest from Grisham, something really esoteric, or the latest young adult craze. Still, … Continue reading

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Graceland Review: How Far Would You Go?

That’s the question our three alpha male leads are asked this week: How far would you go for your friends? For your job? For the second week in a row, Jakes is mysteriously absent — I like to imagine that … Continue reading

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