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Snow Days

When I was a child, there was nothing better than a snow day.  Growing up in Michigan, we were guaranteed at least one or two snow days a year, and they were always fantastic.  It was a full day to … Continue reading

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This book was rough.  I don’t mean to be glib — heaven knows that nobody wants to be the person that pokes fun at the biography of an Olympic runner, WWII pilot, POW, and humanitarian.  Still, whether deliberately or not, … Continue reading

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Why Stuff Matters

I was brought up like most people probably are — taught that material things are unimportant, and that what really matters in life is the intangible: friendships, family, faith, and integrity. I held tightly to that thought through my adolescence. … Continue reading

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“The Invisible War”: Two Sides of the Coin

Crime is a bad thing. That’s a basic premise that everyone can agree with — violent crime, larceny, drug distribution — they’re all things that we want to avoid in society. I’m confident that everyone would also agree that sexual … Continue reading

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