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The Hypnotists Love Story: A Redefinition of Love

It’s interesting to read a book that purports to be a romance, which then proceeds to question the very definition of love; of its endurance, its permanence, and it’s expression.  A book called “Love Story” should be a romance — … Continue reading

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Frozen: So Close, and Yet. . .

Disclosure: Hans Christian Anderson’s fairytale “The Snow Queen” is my absolute favorite fairy tale of all time. It’s a strange combination of religion, coming-of-age, and a nice little tale of female empowerment. So, of course I was bound to be … Continue reading

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“Love Walked In” . . . And Promptly Walked Back Out

In the midst of still plowing through Middlesex, a beach vacation arrived. Middlesex is, and likely always will be, one of my favorite novels — it is not, however, a sunny beach read. So, after climbing dunes, diving through waves, and wandering … Continue reading

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“Faking It”: Why I Don’t Read Chick Lit

I’ve pretty much given up on asking for advice from friends on what to read next: more often than not they recommend a NY pulp bestseller: the latest from Grisham, something really esoteric, or the latest young adult craze. Still, … Continue reading

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Summer at Tiffany: The Happiest Piece of Summer Fluff You’ll Find This Year

The jacket reads “In this glorious once-upon-a-time fairy tale come true, two beautiful college debs from Iowa make it to New York City, end up working at Tiffany’s and living the dream of every creer girl of the 1940s.” It … Continue reading

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