Mount Rainier

My last post was in Tacoma, Washington, which has to be one of the most beautiful places that I have ever lived.  The city is located about 40 minutes south of Seattle.  It’s a few hours east of Olympic National Park, an hour and a half north of Mount Rainier National Park, and nicely nestled in the southernmost reach of Puget Sound.  Mount Rainier dominates the skyline of Tacoma.  She’s our guardian angel, our lady who overlooks our city.

There’s something incredibly gentle about Mount Rainier.  She’s located at the tail end of the Cascades, a series of mountains that resembled more the gentle rolls of Appalachia (though so much higher!) than the rocky peaks of the Tetons.  Mount Rainier, volcanic in origin, towers above all of the other peaks.


She’s snow-covered even the warmest of summers.  The other peaks will become an effervescent green, but Mount Rainier herself will always be covered in snow.  Glaciers hunker down in her crevices, that bright light blue of eternal cold.


Near the Paradise Loop in the Winter


Bench Lake, almost covered by several feet of snow

Mount Rainier is a fascinating national park.  Though the volcano predominates the park, when you enter, but there are areas of the park where you can’t see her at all.  Portions of the park are covered by pine trees and wildflowers, but other areas are representative of a temperature rainforest, with ferns and dense moss.


One of my friends wasn’t a huge fan of hiking, but was a huge fan of photography and of wine.  I would convince her to join me for hikes by grabbing a backpack and offering to cart the wine in (and the empty bottles out!). It’s pretty hard to complain about a picnic in the middle of these kinds of vistas.




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  1. This reminded me of my visit to this NP some years ago. Lovely photos.

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