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The Corrections: A Study in Frustration

The title makes it sound like I didn’t like Jonathan Franzen’s novel, “The Corrections.” That couldn’t be further from the truth. Nonetheless, it was this feeling that pervaded my entire time with the book — from reading it, to finishing … Continue reading

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Lone Survivor

I saw this movie a while ago, back when it was in theaters and playing out to drastically different reviews. I didn’t want to write on it until I’d also read the book, not knowing how much was cinematic fabrication … Continue reading

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Throwback Saturday: Lost

OKay, perhaps it shouldn’t be a “throwback.” The show was on-air only five years ago. But let’s be honest — the glory days of Lost were Seasons 1 – 3, and since those aired between 12 and 10 years ago, … Continue reading

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