Washington Appreciation Post

Today is grey, rainy, and frankly a bit depressing outside.  Therefore, it seems like the perfect day to do a Washington appreciation post, in memory of how beautiful this state is!


Number one: the Seattle skyline, with just a hint of Mount Rainier in the background.  I wish I had a better camera, so this wasn’t all grainy.

IMG_0246A hint of glacier-cold water, up near Snow Lake in Mt Rainier National Park.


More shots from Mt. Rainier — which, yes, is basically a massive rainforest in Washington.


Waterfalls everywhere!


And then I got a better camera.  Over near the Gorge, just outside Spokane.


Other side of the Gorge.

IMG_0197Mt. Rainier, seen while kayaking on the Sound in my very own hometown of Tacoma, Washington.

About splashfromabove

I believe firmly that through reflection, we gain in appreciation. My blog is all about taking a step back from what I read, view, or discover, and looking at it slightly askance.
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